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Steel film dispensing is also a familiar industry for the neutral system, because for this industry, our machines are too applied to the steel film dispensing, so we have a better understanding of the steel film dispensing, the production of which dispens.



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Mahjong spraying paint no longer use manual coating, the use of gantry spray dispensing machine spraying paint, can carry out rapid spraying, and mahjong 136 brands, there are 36 different patterns, and spray dispensing machine visual dispensing system ca.



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Full-screen film bonding technology is a relatively high requirement for dispensing machine. Ultra-high precision and circular dispensing requirements prevent the use of general types of dispensing machine to complete the full-screen film bonding technolo.



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Lamp sealing is more concerned about sealing, because the lamp tube will be heated, sealing is not easy to cause damage to the bulb or lampshade fall, so for high-speed dispensing machine to choose carefully, or will lead to a great deal of sealing proble.



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The dispensing machine manufactured in China can be used for dispensing the screen of mobile phone, which is debugged according to the dispensing parameters of the screen of mobile phone. It can perfectly fulfill the requirements of the screen of mobile p.



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The influence of inconsistent glue discharging is as follows: the product is not tightly bonded, and parts are easy to drop out in the actual application process; the problem of inconsistent glue discharging may also affect the positioning accuracy of dis.



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Tablet computer shell dispensing requires high precision dispensing equipment, in the flat dispensing shell dispensing work to use strong adhesive UV glue to complete the fixed work, UV glue properties believe that understanding the glue customers know, t.



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Glue output is very important in high-precision production. In the electronic industry, glue can not only play a fixed effect, but also play a conductive role through the use of conductive glue. But such fine products as electronics, glue output requireme.



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LED lamp holder adhesives need to be applied to circular vision dispensing machine, not only because it is suitable for LED lamp holder to complete the viscose work, but also partly because this dispensing equipment is suitable for the application of more.



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The glue leakage problem of dispensing machine is a common dispensing problem. When the large-scale visual dispensing machine leaks glue, the greatest impact is the quality of product dispensing. In order to solve this problem, there are also many ways to.



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Three anti-paint has a very good high and low temperature effect, used in the spraying process of PCB, can play anti-static, anti-aging and other effects, can protect the production quality of electronic circuit boards, in the production process of electr.



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When the circular visual dispensing machine will automatically reset after work, but in the use of the process will not reset the phenomenon of dispensing, in the next LED lamp holder, lamps and lanterns viscose sealing work affect the use, then in the op.



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Substrate glue for dispensing technical precision requirements are not high, mainly in the coating, glue is more particular about the degree of thickness and thinness of glue, some industries need a thin layer of glue, substrate glue needs to be thicker, .



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Domestic manufacturers of high-speed spray dispensing machine have more companies, and the quality of spray dispensing machine and spraying process there is a great relationship between spraying process, spraying process determines the quality of the prod.



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AB glue ratio has always been a concern, if the AB glue mixing is not suitable, it will affect the quality of backing camera adhesion. And the glue ratio is set according to many aspects, then under normal circumstances, AB glue ratio will generally be wh.



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Dispensing error always exists, but is this error within the range that can be sustained? This is very important, for example: in the process of component packaging, there is a dispensing error process, which leads to the inability to complete the correct.



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The development of the coating process is faster and faster. The first manual coating process, which made a great contribution to our handicraft before many years, has gradually come to an end. Gradually replaced by machines. Multi spindle dispenser Equip.



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IC chip packaging for packaging technology requirements are quite high, although do not need to use visual dispensing equipment, but with precision dispensing effect is necessary, three-axis precision dispensing machine is recommended as the main IC chip .

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