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Visual dispensing machine is used in high precision dispensi

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High precision dispensing technology of visual dispensing machine can be used in mobile phone industry, such as mobile phone motherboard, mobile phone frame, mobile phone cover, etc. In high precision dispensing link, precision dispensing machine is usually used. The high precision dispensing technology of high precision dispensing machine has been perfected in the market at present. Visual dispensing machine has been developing better and better in the market in recent years. In the process of high precision dispensing, the use of visual dispensing machine is often the choice of more people.
视觉点胶机 Precision dispensing machine is a dispensing machine with high dispensing accuracy. Precision dispensing machine is generally applied in industries such as electronic communication and automobile manufacturing, which require high-precision electro-adhesive processing. Small dispensing range and small dispensing volume require high-precision control. These industries with higher requirements have better opportunity to use visual dispensing and advanced visual dispensing machine. Image visual inspection technology can detect the specific position of products in a wide range, so as to achieve high precision dispensing processing.
Precision dispensing machine is an automatic machine that controls the flow of fluid and coats it on the surface or inside of the product. The dispensing machine is mainly used for dispensing glue, paint and other liquid precise points, injection, coating and dripping to the precise position of each product. It can be used to meet the needs of dotting, drawing lines, circular or arc shape, so as to achieve high precision dispensing processing.
视觉高速点胶机 The liquids used in high-precision dispensing process include solvents, adhesives, chemical materials, paints, etc. with different components; colloids, such as UV glue, sealant, hot glue, red glue; and inks and pigments. The dispensing pressure barrel is usually used in these applications, and the dispensing pressure barrel is suitable for storing a variety of dispensing pressure barrels.
视觉精密点胶机 Precision dispensing process is characterized by low sensitivity to glue and high speed. High precision dispensing process has the advantages of improving dispensing environment, increasing dispensing speed and improving dispensing quality.

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