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Using glue-filling machine to speed up glue-filling efficien

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t is necessary to use epoxy resin glue as the glue for the filling of transformer. Then we can choose the glue filling machine and dispensing accessories according to the characteristics of this glue. In this way, we can improve the filling efficiency of transformer. Selecting the machine is a very important part. There are various types of operations that need to be understood to really improve the glue filling efficiency.
Customize machines according to market requirements
互感器灌封 Why there are so many types of dispensing equipment and accessories on the market, mainly according to the needs of the industry, the production of glue filling machines, such as transformer glue filling selection of automatic glue filling machine, with transformer glue filling selection of transformer glue filling machine the same reason, because it has the corresponding filling conditions, in all conditions meet the requirements, production of products that meet the needs of the industry is difficult. Do you? It's not difficult. It just needs to find the right machine.
Generally, glue filling needs a lot of glue, so the glue dispensing syringe can not be used as a glue control device in the transformer glue filling machine. It needs to use the combination of automatic glue dispensing valve and glue dispensing pressure barrel. Otherwise, the glue quantity is not enough to use, and every time with glue change, it is particularly easy to cause the dispensing accuracy deviation, which is not conducive to the glue production, although the transformer glue and the glue dispensing of transformer are The accuracy requirement is not high, but it still needs some accuracy, dispensing configuration must be used correctly.
互感器灌胶 Three Elements of Transformer Irrigation
The application of transformer glue filling machine can meet the requirements of transformer filling. There are three main points to be done. First, glue filling efficiency, second, glue filling quality, third, glue filling quantity, these three points must be met, otherwise the best machine can not reach the highest production standards, with automatic glue filling machine to transformer glue filling is the same truth, but also need to cooperate with the corresponding glue dispensing accessories, which dispensing pressure barrel is essential, otherwise glue filling capacity can not be enough for a day's production.
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