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What are the main polyurethane materials?

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Made of polyurethane material glue is an adhesive material commonly used in a variety of different materials, can play a certain role in the adhesive, plastic and metal materials such as glass can be applied, the loudspeaker manufacturing, plastic products, household appliance repair glue production processes can be used to, next to introduce the use of polyurethane materials factory different.
A variety of dispensing glue
In the bonding process of the dispenser, the polyurethane adhesive with high activity is cured at room temperature and high temperature, and it is easy to handle and strong adhesion, which makes it widely used. The one component polyurethane glue can be used directly, there are many types of single component polyurethane glue, how to choose the user's own needs, and two component polyurethane glue should be treated properly, the bonding effect than single component glue, and has a cushioning effect.
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In addition to simply as polyurethane adhesive glue and insulation protection, soft polyurethane foam is mostly used as cushion material, common sofa pillow mat are used to, there is a certain earthquake buffer, so there are some protective measures is to use polyurethane pad material, while the refrigeration refrigerator used for polyurethane materials the role of refrigeration heat insulation foam.
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Polyurethane material is also quite obvious shortcomings, that is, the normal service life is less than other materials, susceptible to external factors erosion fade, easy to encounter acid and alkali substances, reduce activity, affect the use of. Because of polyurethane with good elasticity and blood compatibility, so can be used for making artificial vascular medicine, but taking into account the nature of the problem can only produce small blood vessels, so use in the medical industry is not common.

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