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Selection of Equipment for Door and Window Bonding and Foami

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Doors and windows belong to furniture and are the common products in life. When the doors and windows are bonded, they need to be bonded with foam glue to make them into finished products. In order to meet the standard bonding effect and efficiency, special desktop foam glue dispensing function is selected to enhance the value and practicability of small doors and windows and other furniture products.
Bonding of windows and doors
Reasons for selecting dispensing machine for door and window bonding
Small furniture doors and windows through automation equipment will be relatively better quality, guaranteeing the accuracy of glue quantity and appearance under the premise of filling the doorframe with foam glue, glass windows can be firmly fixed on the doorframe, while desktop foam glue dispenser can effectively control the glue quantity and glue output accuracy, the control of consumables is higher and the cost is higher, desktop foam glue dispenser Support equipped with a variety of rubber outlet valves for other bonding production links, such as special silicone tapping valves or two-component glue special valves.
Large flow silicone dispensing valve
Various special valves are available
In addition to using foam glue to bond doors and windows, silica gel is sometimes needed for filling and fixing. In order to ensure the fluency, stability and high efficiency of filling silica gel, special silica gel valve can be selected to make desktop dispenser more compatible and more applicable. Special silica gel valve has stainless steel cylinder built in, and the glue is strong, stable and smooth, avoiding the silica gel blockage caused by poor compatibility of ordinary valves. This is the reason why it is more convenient and efficient to select special valves. Similarly, desktop foam dispenser also supports configuration, so that it can be more effectively applied in other areas of production.
Desktop foam dispenser
It will be a change for manufacturers to choose desktop foam dispenser to finish small door and window bonding. It can save cost and greatly improve efficiency to abandon traditional manual operation and turn to automatic operation.

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