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Problems needing attention when toughened glass is glued and

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There are many kinds of window glass, and the outstanding reason of tempered glass is its high mechanical strength and good elasticity, and good thermal stability. Value play is closely related to the correct sealing of tempered glass. Only by the correct sealing and gluing method can the door and window bond stability be guaranteed and the value of tempered glass be highlighted. This paper will make a brief analysis of the problems needing attention. For example, the glass door and window seals and the point foam gum need to pay attention to the various issues.
White tempered glass
Properties and Safety of Foaming Gel
Door and window bonding should be filled and fixed with foam glue, which is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving, high-speed curing and easy-to-use adhesive. If you need to remove the solidified foam glue, you should remove it by sand grinding or cutting. Before operating the dispensing machine, you should pay attention to the expansibility of the foam glue. In order to ensure that it does not affect human health, you need to bond the door and window in the ventilated place. At the same time, the foam glue has better performance. Strong stickiness solidifies rapidly in contact with the human body. When the toughened glass seal is finished, the foam rubber should be placed in the ventilation warehouse at 15-35 C. It is necessary to keep away from inflammable and explosive materials such as fire source and heat source.
Special Foaming Adhesive for Glue Sealing
Correct operation of bonding toughened glass
Because there are cracks in the cracks of tempered glass windows, point foam gum plays a sealing role besides solidification. Before sealing tempered glass, dirt, grease and other foreign matter on the sealing surface should be removed, and some water can be properly coated on the surface. This is because the solidification time of foam gum becomes shorter when it encounters water. According to the order from left to right, point foam gum from top to bottom, so that the bonding and sealing of tempered glass can be made. The effect is up to the standard, and then the foam glue that overflows is cut off with a knife blade or sharp object. After the door and window are bonded, nails are still needed to strengthen the fixing effect.
Foam dispenser
In addition to toughened glass seals, there are many types of glass doors and windows bonding need to be sealed with foam glue. Small glass can choose small high-speed dispensing machine for uniform and stable gluing seals, which can help users further save material costs and gluing time and other consumption factors.

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