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Preparation before using PU high speed dispenser

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Most of the work of production line dispensing is a need to link the high-speed dispensing function to help users achieve high precision dispensing work, if it is the application of PU high speed dispensing machine would need to have a series of preparatory work, this is because the PU glue has a certain particularity, so the preparation work is particularly important.
Pu multi axis high speed dispenser
Normal adaptation of 1.PU glue
No matter what kind of special glue, take to buffer time to certain normal use from the storage environment, usually stored in a cool dry environment is highest when the glue viscosity, temperature treatment to the normal use, so it cannot be used directly in the glue out after the need for a time to adapt to normal use.
Single station PU high speed dispenser
2. working environment
The important factors in the work environment also affect the high speed dispensing machine, especially the requirement of high speed dispensing machine of the working environment is the highest, the normal working temperature should be 0 degrees -40 degrees, less than 0 degrees and 40 degrees will glue curing, more easily lead to glue bonding effect is reduced, humidity is at about 20%-80 best. Of course, ensure the normal supply of gas source is more important, the pure air pressure can ensure the glue in extrusion of stable and high quality.
Double station PU high speed dispenser
3. high speed dispensing parameters
Related to the need for adjustments to normal work, the debugging work is to ensure that the necessary link dispensing equipment normal high-speed dispensing, not directly into the high-pressure production normally dispensing the first work, this is easy to make the machine can not adapt to the damage, so before performing the target work to work slowly, make the dispensing machine parts is a normal work value, normal work to avoid dispensing intermittent phenomenon.

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