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Importance of selecting anaerobic glue for dispensing valve

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Anaerobic adhesives are all called anaerobic adhesives. Unlike other standard adhesives, they can not be cured under normal conditions. They need to be insulated from oxygen to be cured at normal points on the surface of products. Therefore, the particularity of anaerobic adhesives needs special treatment and special treatment to be put into normal use. Special anaerobic dispensing valves should be used when dispensing anaerobic adhesives.
221 red anaerobic adhesive
Characteristics of anaerobic dispensing valve
Most of the special valve for point anaerobic adhesive are diaphragm-type structure. The glue can be bonded and coated through diaphragm to isolate air. It can point a variety of fluids with good low and medium viscosity, including anaerobic adhesive. The size of the inlet port is 1/8 NPT (f). Aluminum alloy material is made to prevent the erosion or damage of long-term glue dispensing. Because the glue itself has certain corrosiveness, so each of them has a certain degree of corrosion. After the second use, the residual anaerobic glue should be cleaned and cleaned thoroughly in time to prevent the blockage caused by the internal glue storage of the anaerobic dispensing valve after a long time of use.
Single cylinder anaerobic glue dispensing valve
Removal of Residual Anaerobic Adhesive
As for the importance of anaerobic adhesive cleaning, here we will discuss the preliminary method of removing residual anaerobic adhesives. After soaking in a special scavenger or acetone solution, the built-in residual adhesives can be removed. If it is necessary to remove the adhesives, the adhesives need to be heated to a certain temperature and wait for the heat-softening multiplier of the cured adhesives to be removed. Similarly, industrial anhydrous alcohol cleaning can also remove some residual anaerobic adhesives. The glue storage, however, is not effective enough, which may affect the subsequent use of the anaerobic dispensing valve.
Double cylinder anaerobic adhesive dispensing valve
If ordinary rubber valve point anaerobic glue can not achieve the normal packaging and bonding effect, but also may affect the normal use of accessories due to improper handling of blockage, so choose the right valve and also pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of common accessories such as anaerobic dispensing valve.

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