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Procedures for the Use of Micro Waterproof Electronic Coatin

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The reason why electronic products play a waterproof role is that they are coated with waterproof glue. The precision of micro-waterproof electronic coating is higher than that of other types in the past. It is better to use automatic dispensing equipment to complete it. For example, the automatic floor dispensing machine 3000 is suitable for large-scale coating work. The following will briefly describe the materials used for waterproof electronic coating and the operation steps.
Electronic gluing
Understanding Colloidal Properties and Operation
Waterproof glue, also known as electronic moisture-proof paint, three-proof glue, covering glue, coating glue, etc., is mainly used in a variety of small and fine electronic parts, which can prevent dust and moisture, and play a role in shape protection and impact resistance to a certain extent, while the protection of microelectronic circuits after waterproof electronic glue is directly enhanced.
Before the protection of electronic waterproofing glue, first of all, it is necessary to remove foreign matter such as dust and impurities which may exist on the surface, so as to avoid affecting the firm quality of the glue. The quality of waterproofing depends on this. The application of dispensing machine ensures that the waterproofing glue is completely coated on the surface of electronic parts. The automatic dispensing equipment can complete large-scale array production and set parameters and quantity of work. Coating, accurate and less waste of materials, suitable for large-scale production of glue, if the demand is large, you can use the new type of floor type 3000 dispenser precision glue.
Conductive adhesives
Recommendation of Electronic Waterproof Adhesive Coating Equipment
The automatic 3000 dispensing machine recommended by the neutral system can be used to complete large quantities of waterproof electronic coating work. The production efficiency is higher and the stability is better by using uninterrupted on-line power supply. At the same time, the correction of errors by the positioning of CCD vision system reduces the tedious operation, and the repetition accuracy is high and smooth, so that 3000 dispensing machine can be applied to waterproof electronic coating with a variety of high precision. Sealing of electronic products.
Ground-mounted high-speed visual glue dispensing machine

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