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Resuction function can be used if the viscosity of double-li

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Glue backdraft is the basic function of the glue filling machine. Now all the machines produced have backdraft function. The glue filling equipment can not be called without backdraft function. Why do you say so? Because the machine is different from the manual, no backdraft effect will lead to leakage of glue, so the basic machine has such a function.
Glue has corresponding fluidity
双液点胶阀 Fully automatic double-liquid glue filling machine is used in relay dispensing and explosion-proof electric box gluing, both of which are used in double-liquid glue. When two glues are mixed, the glue concentration will increase directly, and the natural flow of glue will become stronger. The product will have some glue voids after each dispensing, but without glue backsuction function, the glue will still flow, although there is no pressure push, if it will flow. Move. This is one of the causes of rubber leakage.
Reciprocity and effect
点胶控制器 Backdraft function is one of the essential functions of automatic double-liquid glue dispensing machine. By means of pneumatic backdraft, it ensures that the glue with high concentration will not flow and that the effect of relay dispensing and explosion-proof electric box gluing can be guaranteed. How can the backdraft function of automatic glue dispensing machine be maturely applied? This is what we know about machines.
How to Set Up Resuction
Let Xiaobian explain for you how to set up the glue backdraft function of automatic double-liquid glue dispensing machine. Among many accessories, there is a dispensing controller. When the controller is opened, it will have a trace of backdraft function. It needs to adjust the air pressure by itself. On the side of large air pressure adjustment, there will be a small air pressure adjustment. This is the key to set the backdraft pressure of automatic dispensing machine. You can design by yourself.
The Benefits of Knowing and Using
Know and skillfully use the machine backdraft function, then can ensure the quality of full-automatic double-liquid glue filling machine, also can ensure the relay dispensing and explosion-proof electric box coating quality, small functions play a great role, whether high-concentration glue or low-concentration glue, can use the backdraft function to control.
If you need a fully automatic dispenser or a detailed explanation of the glue backdraft function, you can call the telephone service hotline: 13928403389.

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