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High-speed visual dispensing equipment can reduce dispensing

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The function and value of the electromagnetic oven in household appliances are remarkable. The dispensing of the electromagnetic oven is mainly to fix the built-in wafer. In order to ensure the synchronous control of the yield and efficiency of the production, the high-speed precision control effect can be improved. The error control of the high-speed visual dispensing equipment headed by 3000 dispensing machine in many visual dispensing machines is more in line with the manufacturer's production conditions. 。
Manufacturing and Production of Electromagnetic Furnace
3000 dispensing machine satisfies the production of dispensing in induction cooker
In the process of EMF dispensing, the inner wafer is glued together with glue, and the visual control system is used to precisely control the dispensing, so as to prevent the bad glue dispensing from affecting the EMF. At the same time, it also has a higher speed and rapid direct increase in production. So according to the current situation, 3000 dispensing machine is undoubtedly a good promotion for the EMF production line to finish dispensing task. This kind of visual dispensing machine is superior to similar products in efficiency and precision control.
The dispensing effect of induction cooker is visible.
In the long run, the visual dispensing machine is more in line with the requirements of large-scale production line of induction cooker. The visual control accuracy of 3000 dispensing machine is 0.01 mm, and the amount of glue is not too much or too little. It avoids the problem of glue quantity, which makes the rate of defective products rise. The operation of 3000 dispensing machine is simple and full-featured. It can set parameters and dispensing path for uniform glue coating, and has good stability and execution effect. It can be seen that the effect of production links such as dispensing of induction cooker for users is excellent.
Ground-based visual dispensing equipment
Selection of high-speed visual dispensing equipment in the electromagnetic oven dispensing link performance is good and the implementation effect is fast, with 3000 dispensing machine as the head of the visual dispensing machine will play an important role in the production line with high accuracy requirements.

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