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Effectiveness and Quality of Lightning Protector Filling and

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Lightning arrester is a kind of surge protection in electronic circuit to avoid equipment being damaged. Most high-voltage equipments have lightning arresters to avoid damage. Lightning arrester filling requires special electronic filling glue. Therefore, high-speed and stable dispensing equipment becomes the preferred equipment for filling. This dispensing equipment introduced in this paper is equipped with a dispensing backdraft valve with higher accuracy and efficiency. It is used in automatic high-speed production of glue dispensing machine.
Power Surge Lightning Protector
Enhancement of filling efficiency by glue dispensing machine
Among many equipments, especially the glue dispensing machine, the enhancement of product filling efficiency and quality can be seen and felt. It can glue many kinds of operating planes, lines, circles and other paths. The precision stepping motor drives the production to be fast and stable. The repetitive glue dispensing accuracy is about 0.01 mm. The teaching device programming mode is more in line with the filling action of many irregular paths, and the lightning arrester is sealed. More accurate and non-biasing glue, the dispensing backdraft valve is used to control the emergence of leakage glue in wire drawing, which provides the precondition for stabilizing the filling of lightning protector.
Fully automatic glue dispensing machine
Reasons for dispensing lightning arrester with dispensing machine
Lightning protector needs to protect the circuit for a long time. To strengthen the insulation and moisture-proof sealing effect of lightning protector, it is necessary to use gel dispensing machine for sealing. The gel dispensing backdraft valve can evenly locate the sealed silica gel to the sealing place of lightning protector. In the pipeline with large production volume, it is necessary to ensure both high-speed production and precision, and the high-precision positioning function can stably coat the glue quantity. Covered with lifting effect, so lightning protector filling selection glue dispensing machine.
Reciprocating suction dispensing valve
In addition to lightning arrester filling can be used for this equipment, there are other industries can use this high-speed and high-precision equipment.

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