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High-speed dispensing machine for die feeding and selection

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Plastic mould gluing can be carried out manually or automatically. The advantage of manual operation is that it can be carried out without too much preparation. However, the stability of gluing can be improved by choosing automation equipment. Therefore, the efficiency and quality can be greatly improved by using automated high-speed gluing dispenser in batch mould manufacturing. It can be assembled with a variety of precise dispensing valves and metal-aluminium needles. More dispensing and gluing.
Manufacture of glue feeding for small dies
High-speed dispensing machine has strong stability
In the production line with high demand, automation equipment is often the dominant factor. High-speed dispensing machine is characterized by fast and simple operation. Injection moulds and other types of finished dispensing can be used. Precision stepper motor drive control has high stability and accuracy. It can assemble multiple suction dispensing valves and durable aluminium needles. It can contact manufacturers to customize multi-station to improve the speed. The strengthening of the quality of point gum has auxiliary effect.
Dual-station high-speed dispensing machine
Support multi-component upgrade
After assembling aluminium needle for high-speed dispensing machine, it can be used to inject a variety of medium-high viscosity fluids. It can also prevent partial wear and tear caused by moving contact. It is the premise to prevent the stability from being affected. It can promote the intuitive and visible effect of the mold gluing. It can also match different valves or needles freely according to the needs of glue and other fluid properties to complete production.
Multi-specification aluminium dispensing needle
There are many kinds of automatic equipments which are suitable for glue feeding and gluing. They have the production characteristics of cost saving, manpower saving and high efficiency. They have obvious improvement effect on the high-speed glue dispensing work of the customers. They are good choices for the completion targets of large-scale mold glue feeding production line.

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