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Control of uniform dispensing of PVC sole by visual dispensi

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Visual dispensing machine has become the main reason for its outstanding demand in production control accuracy and other aspects. It has been applied in many manufacturing processes. Visual dispensing technology has played an important role in PVC sole dispensing. CCD visual control glue volume and stability meet the demand of sole dispensing, which is embodied in the production of various sole molds.
Multicolored insole
Strengthen the strength of sole fixation
PVC is a kind of light and three-dimensional high polymer material. The impact resistance of the whole moulding is used in insole manufacturing. There are many ways to reinforce the two sides of PVC sole dispensing in the production line. It is completed by manual and automation equipment. The visual function can effectively control the cost and complete the manufacturing. After visual inspection, the path of the upper is aligned slowly and the two sides are fixed. High strength, good firmness, accurate and stable control of viscose, strong fixation strength and control of the rate of poor solidification of soles, so it is more popular to choose visual dispensing machine to complete PVC sole fixation. In addition to being used for shoe and other mold dispensing, it can also be used in a variety of product mold gluing. The functional and suitable industry production level is high.
Large Ground Visual Dispenser
High Viscose Quality for Completing Metal Parts
Visual dispensing equipment used in PVC shoe sole dispensing and other shoe adhesive reinforcement has a remarkable effect, and the main application direction is in the production of batch electronic tools such as viscose. Visual mode has a good effect on quality control after high-speed dispensing and can control the operation parameters. Therefore, the quality and efficiency of various types of electronic die after gluing is better than that of similar equipment.
Cabinet visual dispenser
There are many positive roles in choosing visual dispensing equipment to complete large quantities of PVC sole dispensing and bonding work, such as high efficiency, good quality and quick return.

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