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Practical effect of automatic glue-filling equipment used in

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There are many methods for automobile high-pressure pack glue filling. It is a method to select automatic glue dispensing machine for high-pressure pack glue filling. Users have different opinions on automatic equipment, such as whether intelligent glue filling equipment can be well used in production, there are doubts, so it is very important to describe it properly.
Introduce the need of glue filling in high pressure package
High voltage pack is a kind of output transformer. It acts as the voltage of focusing, accelerating, grid and so on. When controlling the voltage, the frequency and voltage are higher and the heat is higher. Glue filling can help heat conduction to disperse. At the same time, proper glue filling can avoid dust accumulation or moisture affecting the service life, while glue filling dispenser can be used to control the amount of glue needed to fill and slowly drip to the sealing surface, at the same time. The dispensing backdraft valve can be used to control the suitability or influence of the amount of glue, so the application of dispensing backdraft valve can effectively reduce the dripping out of the excessive glue. At present, the dispensing machine is the handle of the control of the defective rate of high-pressure package glue.
Fully automatic glue dispensing machine
Satisfying the efficiency of glue filling in high pressure package production
The high market demand of high-pressure packages makes it necessary for manufacturers to introduce automation equipment to meet the production trend. For high-pressure packages, the dispensing dispenser is intelligent and has a high yield of good products. The assembled dispensing backdraft valve can greatly reduce the common problems of gum leakage. It is the same for repairing the malfunction parts. It is necessary to make the filling area as large as possible and thick as possible to prevent leakage. And the automatic glue filling equipment meets the needs of manufacturers in terms of control cost and production efficiency. It is a shortcut to realize the intelligent production mode.
Reciprocating suction dispensing valve
At the present stage, the production line of high-pressure packing glue is still dominated by manual operation. It is believed that the trend of choosing automatic glue filling equipment will be more obvious in the future.

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