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High sensitivity of mobile phone keys after gluing

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Mobile phone button dispensing mode or automatic dispensing equipment needs to be selected according to the actual situation. If the demand is low and the density demand is low, the key dispensing can be completed by manual operation. If the demand and precision are high in the production line, the position of automatic dispensing machine will be enhanced accordingly.
Mobile phone button glue production line
Why choose automatic dispensing machine
Fully automatic dispensing machine is famous for its simple operation and high efficiency. Operators can connect manual controllers to operate dispensing parameters, adjust dispensing path programming with detailed keystrokes, save manpower cost and material consumption, and improve production efficiency. The practical effect of good products strengthened by mobile phone keystrokes will be decided by this. The assembled dispensing backdraft valve has the function of quantitative glue control to a certain extent. The degree of convenience is high, and the backdraft function is used to prevent the low viscosity glue from dripping out, which affects the function of the finished product, and ensures the stability and good product rate of the mobile phone button glue.
Large visual dispenser
Its assembled dispensing and backdraft valve is an accessory to ensure good stability. By adjusting the backdraft function on the controller, it can be used for the glue with low backdraft viscosity. The higher the backdraft force, the better control of the low-viscosity glue drip leakage can be achieved. Not only can the dispensing and backdraft valve play its role, but also other relevant accessories can improve the good product rate and application effect of the automatic dispensing machine to the dispensing of mobile phone keys.
Reciprocating suction dispensing valve
Fully automatic dispensing equipment for guaranteeing yield and sensitivity
The practical application effect can be seen from the finished product of mobile phone buttons. It can be seen from the operation of automatic dispensing machine that the glue coating area of mobile phone buttons is uniform and complete, the two sides are fully bonded and not easy to drop parts, and the appearance is not affected. Therefore, the automatic dispensing machine for mobile phone buttons can ensure the sensitivity and strengthen the bonding strength and quality at the same time.

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