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Visual equipment as the first step to improve the accuracy o

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The way to apply glue on products is simple and needs less preparation. The common way is to apply glue after holding brush manually, and also to use semi-automatic equipment to connect glue valves to hold glue inside products. There are many methods and various fields of application. In order to further improve the accuracy and efficiency of glue on semi-finished products, the application demand of visual equipment is increasing. The status and demand of automation equipment such as machines are rising, and the value of spare parts such as metering dispensing valves is also rising.
Product dispensing and gluing
Brief description of functional characteristics of visual glue filling machine
Visual glue filling machine mainly uses AB double rubber drums to store and process glue. It can be used for mixing glue with high proportion glue from 1:1 to 10:1. CCD vision system can control glue volume and glue outlet position. Semi-finished glue is aligned with complete coverage, and can be assembled with metering dispensing valve to control glue volume. It can set parameters such as glue outlet and backdraft time, and the top fine-tuning function has higher precision for glue volume and semi-finished glue. The efficiency of finished product line is accelerated. It can be used for point, line, surface and circle gluing. It is the choice of equipment for users to strengthen the gluing level of semi-finished products.
Multi-head two-component visual glue filling machine
Reference from Advantages
In terms of operation, visual glue dispensing machine operates dispensing path through control platform, and two-component glue control mode is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC. The consistency of glue dispensing in batch production is well controlled. The quantity of glue dispensing controlled by metering glue dispensing valve is in line with diversified production work. When running out of material, alarm prompts will be given, so it is undoubtedly equipped with metering glue dispensing valve in terms of efficiency and execution. Visual glue filling machine has more advantages.
Glue Coating for Automobile Parts
The manual way to finish batch gluing of semi-finished products can not be fully satisfied, so the necessary performance of automatic visual equipment as a use can be understood.

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