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Potentiometer dispensing link in variable resistor

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Potentiometer is composed of resistor body and rotation. It is mainly used to obtain the output voltage which has a certain relationship with the applied voltage. Potentiometer dispensing link can be completed by automatic glue dispensing machine in batch production. The premise of guaranteeing dispensing stability is the correct selection of various accessories. Therefore, many accessories including extrusion cartridge and needle must be selected in order to make batch production. Potentiometer dispensing high yield, including the configuration of glue machine and dispensing valve and dispensing syringe price should be carefully considered.
Metal potentiometer dispensing semi-finished products
Why do we need to glue potentiometers
Potentiometers need to be installed in electronic products to exert the effect of voltage regulation, so new requirements are put forward for the stability of dispensing glue. It is necessary to ensure that the potentiometer is firmly and stably adhered to the product, and also has a certain degree of disassembly. It is not convenient for subsequent disassembly and maintenance to lock it up. So dispensing glue at the bottom of batch potentiometers with automatic glue machine is necessary to control the viscosity. The automatic glue machine connection controller sets the glue quantity reasonably, ensures the uniformity and integrity of the glue quantity, improves the stability of the fixed glue dispensing for potentiometer, and considers the price and quality of the glue dispensing syringe in the glue dispensing aspect, so as to avoid the improper selection of the extrusion syringe.
Automatic dispensing machine specification customization
How to ensure the stability of potentiometer dispensing
Because of the small structure of potentiometer, the glue quantity needed is uniform and the control strength is moderate, so when debugging the automatic glue machine, it should be set on time to ensure the accurate glue discharge, and then the pressure should be controlled to avoid the overflow or incompleteness caused by the excessive glue discharge from the extrusion cylinder. The stability of this kind of glue dispensing needs to be tested in debugging stage, and whether it is suitable for fixed use or not. Silicone sealant should refer to the properties of rubber drum and the price of dispensing syringe, and try to choose according to the actual situation to ensure the stability of dispensing.
Stainless steel dispensing needle barrel
The importance of extrusion cylinder and rubber valve can not be ignored, of course, the same is true of automatic glue machine. In order to ensure a good batch potentiometer dispensing conditions, it is necessary to adjust and set the parameters in advance to avoid the impact of practical application.

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