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The dispensing of semi-finished products is mainly accomplis

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Contact dispensing is a very common method of operation. Manual control of rubber drum or dispensing with automatic glue dispensing machine belong to contact dispensing mode. The two modes of operation need to be selected according to actual needs. In the long run, it is undoubtedly that the dispensing stability of automation equipment is better. It is mainly reflected in many aspects of electronic products such as potentiometer dispensing when dispensing glue.
Contact dispensing of motherboard
Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods
The automatic glue dispenser can be operated by connecting the power supply and the controller with stainless steel needle barrel. The controller is used to control the parameters needed for contact dispensing, such as air pressure, Backdraft and so on. The manual operation of contact dispensing is also the same. The dispensing of needle barrel can be manually grasped by the operator. Whether the glue surface is uniform or not affects the bonding strength of potentiometer. When gluing, the glue should be uniformly coated on the bonding surface by manual operation, while the automatic glue dispenser is controlled by operating system positioning and flowing out through stainless steel needle barrel. The comparison between the two modes is that there are many problems in manual operation, which may not be conducive to the bonding quality of potentiometer glue dispensing. Therefore, considering the stability of glue dispensing, the automatic glue dispenser is undoubtedly better.
All stainless steel needle barrel has excellent anti-erosion ability, can be used to store a variety of properties of liquid glue. Pressure-driven extrusion is one of the guarantees to provide the stability of dispensing of automatic glue dispenser. Users can choose this needle barrel when they choose. The auxiliary effect of product contact dispensing can be seen to be practical.
Metal potentiometer dispensing and fixing
Reasons for dispensing potentiometer
Considering from many aspects, dispensing with automatic equipment has advantages. Potentiometer dispensing is to stick it to the product without moving parts. The reason of using contact dispensing is to apply the glue to the bonding surface in a suitable amount. It has certain disassembly at the same time, so as to reduce the time of disassembly in the future.
Needle dispensing glue machine
Mainstream contact dispensing mode is to use full-automatic equipment for batch production. Users can choose suitable equipment and mode for reference to improve the stability of semi-finished dispensing.

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