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The price of dispensing syringe is related to its applicatio

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The function of needle barrel is mainly used as an auxiliary tool for storing and dispensing the glue on the quasi-adhesive surface. The price of needle barrel on the market is high or low. The price of all stainless steel needle barrel is dominant. Compared with stainless steel needle barrel, the cost of needle barrel is relatively high, which is mainly reflected in the application effect of this needle barrel and the stability of dispensing. At the same time, it has good service life and quality. Provide function for stable operation of automatic glue machine.
Multi-specification dispensing syringe
Specification Type and Value Application of All Stainless Steel Needle Barrel
The common specifications of all stainless steel needle barrel are 30CC, 50CC and 100CC. Seiko manufacturing can improve the stability of dispensing greatly, so the price of dispensing needle barrel made of stainless steel is slightly more expensive than other kinds. From the application effect, it is undoubtedly the advantage of this kind of expensive needle barrel. It can be installed in automatic glue machine to automatically dispensing. The dispensing is uniform and the control stability is good, and it can store dispensing. Part of the corrosive glue is one of the necessary parts for dispensing potentiometer with high precision.
Stainless steel dispensing syringe
Parts with good durability can be used to meet the needs of potentiometer dispensing
When dispensing potentiometer, the concentration and uniformity of glue quantity should be ensured. If the control glue output of automatic glue dispenser is not centralized, there will be spillover and other problems affecting the appearance and strength. The effect of fixed glue dispensing of potentiometer will be greatly affected, and it will also cause the increase of defective products produced by potentiometer. This is part of the stability of dispensing affected. Choose all stainless steel. Needle-tube matching is used in automatic glue dispensing machine to control glue quantitatively. It has strong sealability and many kinds of glue suitable for glue dispensing. Therefore, the application effect of potentiometer dispensing is proportional to many dispensing accessories and the price of dispensing syringe.
Transparent dispensing syringe
At present, China-made dispensing systems provide a variety of cost-effective dispensing accessories, such as dispensing needles, dispensing syringes, dispensing valves, dispensing pressure barrels, in order to facilitate the stability of dispensing users to more clearly determine the relationship between dispensing syringe price and quality practicability.

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