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Maintenance of semiconductor high speed dispenser

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The semiconductor dispensing machine is used in the electronic industry package, used in electronic packaging industry technical requirements are more stringent, because just some foreign substances will affect the quality of the electronic, so with other types of material in the semiconductor package dispensing process can not, need to use the most clean glue dispensing machine package, semiconductor cleaning and maintenance is especially important. So, can reduce the impact on the electronics industry packaging, improve packaging quality.
Semiconductor high speed dispenser
The cleaning dispenser is usually once a week can be, because the factory work environment can be a particularly dusty, more every day walking around the staff, the dust will often end up floating around, basically in the semiconductor dispenser, dispensing process, the dust will fall to the glue point. This will affect the quality of package.
Single station three axle dispensing machine
A semiconductor package for high technology requirements, in addition to the allocation of the top parts, also need a maintenance schedule, maintenance for dispensing machine configuration can be used for a long time, but also to point out the perfect glue dispensing machine, semiconductor maintenance generally need to do a few steps.
First, on the whole semiconductor dispensing machine check valve second, check again, glue dispensing is blocked and sealed, and third of the dispensing machine interface and check whether the parts need to be replaced, and fourth of the dispensing machine arm is adjusted in fifth, dispensing and other export lubricating sliding track oil to reduce friction.
Double station silica gel high speed dispenser
These are semiconductor dispensing machine maintenance procedure in detail, before each use is a check of the dispenser, dispensing can reduce a lot of small problems are often the biggest problem affecting the quality of semiconductor glue dispensing.

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