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Equipment and Selection for Batch Finishing of Silicone Ring

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There are many manual modes for dotting of silica gel ring paint. Relatively speaking, the efficiency and consistency of this mode are not good, so some production lines with large demand will choose to use automatic desktop 331 dispensing machine to complete. 331 dispensing machine can not only be used to complete product dispensing and bonding, but also to finish product dispensing and painting, assembly and automatic control of 2121 point glue valve ratio. Manual gluing has high execution efficiency and good stability control.
Silicone Ring Yellow Paint
Functional characteristics of 331 dispenser
Platform 331 dispensing machine has a travel of 300*300*100 and a load of 3KG. It supports the assembly of various thimble dispensing valves including 2121 dispensing valves. After setting parameters, it can finish dispensing links of points, lines, arcs and other irregular curves. Compared with manual dispensing and gluing, it can improve energy saving efficiency and accuracy greatly, and can also carry multiple small silicone circle points. Painting work, so the application advantages and practicability of 331 platform automatic dispensing machine are relatively strong.
331-stroke customized dispensing machine
After operation, the effect of painting is visible.
After setting the movement path and parameters of 331 dispensing machine, the starting and running buttons can be used to spot the semi-finished products of the silicone rubber ring. The quantity of paint discharged by 2121 dispensing valve is uniform and the yield is controlled. The array dispensing makes the finished products of the silicone rubber ring more consistent. There is no spill or excessive glue spots on the slot after the dispensing of the silicone rubber ring, which has an effect on the improvement of the mass production of the products. The range is large, so the control of stable amount of dispensing paint makes the execution of dispensing bonding of other products well controlled and stable.
Dispenser Controller Control Board
Manual gluing often presents problems such as poor consistency or excessive glue quantity control and spillover, which is not conducive to completing batch coloring of silica gel ring paint. In order to ensure a good and stable quality effect, automatic 331 dispensing machine should be assembled with 2121 dispensing valves for quantitative control and batch dispensing, so as to ensure the stability and quality control of product dispensing.

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