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Advantages and limitations of manual gluing

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Manual gluing mode is mainly applicable to the production of products with small demand. Operators can use manual gluing by connecting the controller of 2121 point valves with air source of air compressor. Compared with the automatic mode of 331 point dispenser, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Manual mode can be used to finish product gluing or silica gel ring dotting and other production work. The advantages and disadvantages of manual mode and gluing effect are compared here. For brief analysis.
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Simple operation requires less preparation
Manual control of glue-dispensing mode requires less preparation work. It only needs to ensure the stable supply of air source and air tightness to operate. 2121 dispensing valve or ordinary dispensing syringe are connected to the controller. The controller sets the pressure of glue-dispensing back suction force to avoid the influence of glue-dispensing valve blocking and dripping out. The air compressor air source can be connected by trachea by glue-spraying method. Manual gluing has the advantages of flexibility and variability. It can dispense and dot the seams. According to the seams, the amount of glue can be evenly dotted to the surface of semi-finished products. It can also point at multiple silica gel rings. It can directly inspect the adverse effects of gluing or dotting to change. These advantages have the flexibility requirement of controlling 2121 point valves for 331 dispensing machines, and need multi-axis connection. The moving dispensing machine aligns to finish 45 degree inner seam dispensing.
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Deficiencies of manual gluing
Compared with the full automatic 331 dispenser, the manual dispensing mode is inconsistent and inefficient. Although the manual mode is flexible and can solve the problems of rubber valve blockage without glue directly and simply, the problem of low efficiency and inconsistency has a great impact on the quality of semi-finished products. The repetition accuracy of the dispensing point is high and the dispensing point can not be applied on the surface of the glue, so it can't be applied on the glue surface. It is fully satisfied with the mass production of similar silica gel ring dot paint.
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Considering the advantages and disadvantages of manual gluing mode, it seems that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. The use of 331 dispensing machine and other automation equipment has operational advantages. When operating, check the application effect of 2121 dispensing valves and other accessories as well as operation errors, so as to avoid the problems such as glue leakage or non-glue leakage of glue valves affecting the quality of production of electronic products such as gluing or silica gel ring dispensing.

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