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Analysis of the Reasons and Solutions for the Non-gluing of

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331 dispensing machine has become an important equipment in modern automation production line. It can assemble many control parts including 2121 dispensing valves to complete dispensing, packaging and dispensing of various products. One of the problems in dispensing is that the dispensing valves do not glue, which is one of the problems affecting the coherence of mass production of packaging dispensing and silica gel ring paint, so it can not solve the problem first. It is necessary to analyze the problems that may exist in the inspection of rubber valves and proceed to solve them.
2121 thimble dispensing valve
Blockage due to high viscosity
2121 dispensing valve is a valve used to control glue and guarantees the glue control of 331 dispensing machine. The reason why the glue valve does not glue may lie in the problem of high or low viscosity. When the glue viscosity of packaging dispensing is high, the liquidity is poor, resulting in slow glue flow out and partially attached to the outlet of dispensing valve. The top needle 2121 dispensing valve is partially blocked during operation. In order to prevent this phenomenon, the air pressure should be set to the maximum after use and the rubber stored inside should be extruded. Then the rubber valve should be removed to remove the solidified residue, so as to ensure that the glue can be extruded steadily without affecting the production efficiency of packaging dispensing or silica gel ring dispensing.
331 Non-standard dispenser
Check the stability of air pressure
Because the glue needs to be driven and extruded by an air compressor in order to dispense the glue for product packaging and finish the batch dispensing of silica gel ring, the driving pressure set by 331 dispensing machine must be controlled to reach a certain critical value to maintain the stable delivery of glue. The connection of 2121 dispensing valves and the trachea should be excluded and checked for leakage and low air pressure. The air pressure of 331 dispensing machine should be observed. Whether the pressure driving parameters are up to the standard without air leak or not prevents the rubber valve from gluing due to low pressure, and ensures that the air supply is correct in order to make the glue flow uniform. The effect of mass production such as silicone ring dotting paint will be strengthened.
Pressure Controller of Dispenser
The reason why the rubber valve does not glue is related to the pressure, of course, with the quality of accessories and correct operation.

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