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Configuration Conditions for Enhancing Coating Quality of Ca

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Capacitor cover bonding should be glued with glue for encapsulation. The characteristics of double position of 4331 dispenser are suitable for strengthening capacitor cover by gluing. This equipment can be used for batch precision gluing. The stability of glue supply can be improved by adding stainless steel pressure barrel. Of course, the reset operation of dispenser should be controlled after debugging and the glue problem should be avoided. Sound, this is Xiaobian personal recommendation of the cover glue selection of the configuration conditions.
Glue Coating for Electronic Cover
Are the conditions for gluing the cover plate in conformity with the requirements?
The structure of capacitor is small and meticulous, and the position of glue coating needs to be bonded and strengthened at the cover plate. To ensure that the glue problem does not appear and the strength is suitable for bonding and fixing, 4331 dispenser connects the control board to set the dispensing parameters and paths, gradually set the locating points and control the glue valve, stainless steel pressure barrel to check the airtightness and adjust the pressure parameters to extrude the glue supply, need to be injected. This means that after the adjustment of parameters and paths, the dispenser should be reset and restarted to avoid errors caused by the deviation of parameters.
304 Stainless Steel Pressure Barrel
Lifting effect of stainless steel pressure barrel
Adhesive dosage control and precision are needed for the surface reinforcement of small capacitors. The reason for choosing stainless steel pressure drum mounted on 4331 dispensing machine is that the characteristics of glue supply and storage are good, the internal volume is large enough to store multi-flow glue for continuous glue dispensing links, the glue driven by high-voltage supply is stable and even, and the glue shortage is not easy to occur in batch dispensing. The auxiliary use of hot pack strengthens the control of glue viscosity and strength, and prevents the 4331 dispensing machine from controlling glue problems and affecting the quality of mass production. It should be noted that the reset of dispensing machine should also be carried out before the start of pressure barrel glue supply.
Dual-station 4331 dispenser
The requirement for the accuracy of gluing for cover plate can be met by the duplex 4331 dispensing machine and stainless steel pressure barrel. Quantitative control of fluid and control of glue problem can make the effect of batch production uniform and consistent.

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