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The influence of glue strength and stickiness and its adjust

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Glue is the medium used for bonding products. The control method of glue strength is usually through temperature adjustment. Pressure barrel with heating device is also suitable for storage and glue control. It is partly affected by the nature of glue problems. 4331 dispensing machine, a large work station platform, needs large volume for storage and continuous glue supply. Stainless steel pressure barrel is recommended for storage and glue adjustment. The bonding strength of the composite was also studied.
White 15000 CPS adhesive
Strength Control of Stainless Steel Pressure Barrel
Most glue can be stored in pressure barrel for pressure control. Among them, stainless steel pressure barrel has a relatively wide range of applications. For 4331 dispensing machine, which needs a long time to run to ensure the stability of glue supply, the effective strengthening role of batch glue coating on the cover plate of small capacitors is carried out. The glue supply of large capacity pressure barrel is not easy to cause glue shortage and glue shortage. The outer heating package of stainless steel pressure barrel can be used for heating, and the adhesion weakens or even fails under the control of high temperature. The internal stress makes the adhesion group gradually separate from the bonding surface. Therefore, the lower glue strength can not be used in the links requiring bonding and fixing, which is the way that glue strength is controlled by heating.
Special stainless steel pressure barrel
Quality Control of Glue Coating for Cover Plate
The outer cover of capacitor is mainly used for dust-proof and moisture-proof protection. It needs to be uniformly coated with glue before it can be used for reinforcement and protection. It can be stored quantitatively in stainless steel pressure barrel and controlled by heating package. Quantitative control of the flow rate can greatly enhance the precision and efficiency of the cover glue coating. It can also promote the batch production of 4331 dispenser. Input effect, prevent glue problems on the yield of good products.
Point-coating glue for capacitor cover plate
There are many kinds of glue problems, which are inseparable from its own nature and adjustment. Adjustment according to the nature of the product makes the glue strength control in line with diversified production, and more suitable for the long-term operation of 4331 dispensing machine.

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