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The Role of Reset Function and Accuracy Improvement of Dispe

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4331 dispensing machine is one of the duplex equipment, which can be used for precision dispensing, gluing and packaging of batch products. It has the unique advantages of high efficiency, stability and strong. After programming with the control board, it needs to reset the dispensing machine in order to use normally. It avoids the influence of gluing problem on the gluing and packaging of the coating cover plate of electronic parts. Many users do not understand the resetting function. The function and necessity of many dispensing equipments, including 4331 dispensing machine, are briefly explained in this part.
Dual-station 4331 dispenser
Brief description of the role of reduction function
General automatic dispensing equipment has reset function, including 4331 dispensing machine, which can be operated at the right end of the constant control system, beside which there are start buttons and emergency stop switches. It is mainly used to reset to the origin after adjusting the parameters, and then it can be operated and dispensing along the set path. The reset function of dispensing machine will be mainly used to reset the dispensing machine. The path point returns to the starting position for easy re-control, avoiding the influence and execution on the precision of electronic parts packaging or cover gluing, and the precision and efficiency of 4331 dispensing machine used together with stainless steel pressure drums are guaranteed. The control accuracy of glue problem is high and the error is low. It is the recommended equipment for batch cover gluing.
FPC chip dispensing reinforcement
What happened to the failure of reset?
Sometimes the operator fails or does not respond to the reset of 4331 dispensing machine. It has nothing to do with the external dispensing controller and stainless steel pressure barrel. It may be that there is a fault in the operation system. It needs to be removed and solved. First, press the emergency stop button to stop the 4331 dispensing machine, pull out the dispensing controller and stainless steel pressure barrel to stop working, and analyze whether it is compiled or not. Sometimes the incorrect version of compiler and the configuration file version of 4331 dispenser will affect the correct operation of reset. If the reset problem is not solved, it will have a direct impact on the production work with high precision requirements such as cover glue coating. Of course, the solution of glue problem is equally important, and the solution of glue viscosity or properties will also have an impact without analysis.
Micro dispensing controller
After guaranteeing the normal reset of dispensing machine, the stainless steel pressure barrel can be reconnected with dispensing controller to complete the packaging of electronic products or the gluing and bonding of capacitor surface covers.

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