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Recommendation of Screen Sealing Method for Mobile Phone wit

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Ordinary screen seals of mobile phones protect against impact and waterproof by manual operation. In fact, they can be quantitatively controlled by automation equipment with higher efficiency and quality. A large number of mobile phone screens need to be sealed with glue to recommend the use accuracy and efficiency to ensure the control efficiency and quality of the floor-mounted visual dispensing machine, which can be installed and used. Plug dispensing syringe drives out glue, which is used to control the quantity and quality accuracy of epoxy glue at sealing time. At the same time, it ensures high efficiency and consistency in mass production of mobile phone screen.
Rubber Seal for Mobile Phone Screen
Ground Visual Dispenser's Improving Effect on Quality
The landing visual dispensing machine for screen seal selection of smart phones is prominent because of its high control accuracy and stable operation to support batch production. The small structure of mobile phones does not require manual operation to match the precision requirements for glue seal. Only the visual precision dispensing equipment can meet the accuracy and quality of screen seal of mobile phones. No special fixed treatment is needed for visual system assistance. It can be used to coat epoxy glue on the seals, add a dispensing valve or a piston dispensing syringe with strong versatility to control the amount of glue. According to this visual control feature, the auxiliary effect and application effect of glue filling for other electronic products will have greater room for improvement.
Large Ground Visual Dispenser
Efficiency Suitable for Batch Manufacturing
The screen sealing link of mobile phone needs to keep a high consistency with the output of production and quality. At present, it can reach the standard at the same time only by landing visual dispensing machine. The repetition precision of visual system control is 0.01 mm. It can be used to control glue seals and glue filling for various products. It can support assembling multiple suction dispensing valves or piston dispensing syringes to control glue quantity and seal the quality of epoxy glue. The efficiency and quality of screen sealing are greatly improved by volume, and the efficiency of screen sealing is improved by setting batch array mode.
Sealant for Filling
Quality of Screen Adhesive Seal
Ground-type visual dispenser used in batch precision manufacturing will enhance the sealing effect of mobile phone screen. Touch screen with epoxy glue and other types of sealant filling on mobile phone screen has stronger fixing force, and does not affect the aesthetic quality of the surface. It is the choice equipment and way to improve the rate and efficiency of mobile phone screen seals.

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