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What's the difference between traditional dispenser and indu

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The second industrial revolution for the modern science and technology contribute very much, of which there are many different kinds of automated production equipment such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain appeared, the earliest dispensing equipment is in that period, to now view all of these work have been reduced to the traditional equipment, can be used as an auxiliary tool, because now the dispensing machine the function and practicability are far more than traditional dispensing machine.
Double position inductance coil high speed dispenser
In fact, the traditional dispensing machines tend to work on the assembly line model, the only solution to the demand of production efficiency and solve human problems not expensive, which covers an area also need to consider the problems in this kind of small inductance coil parts for volume production work dispensing cases demand is very large, the details of the process requirements are very high output, traditional dispensing work may follow the production line requirements, such as inductance coil production requirements of small objects need consistency standards for the semi-automatic mode of operation is very difficult to complete this work needs.
Double station and multi axis high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machine coil array dispensing link support dispensing system, can ensure consistency of the inductance coil high speed glue dispensing dispensing and high precision, which has become a modern intelligent production index, with small area small artificial demand, whether it is a desktop or floor type structure than the structure the traditional line table to be small, simple operation without much adjustment, only need a skilled operator can be stand-alone or even single mode multi machine, compared with the traditional dispensing work mode to advance too much.
Four axis high speed dispenser
If you need to make the traditional glue dispensing machine work may not provide accurate control of the quantity of cement, and can help users keep control of high speed dispensing precision glue supply, complete the inductance coil this kind of small objects glue demand.

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