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Visual dispenser controls epoxy coating with high accuracy

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The screen sealing of mobile phone can be carried out with special type sealant, of course, epoxy glue can also be applied to finish the sealing work. Because the sealing accuracy and stability control of mobile phone screen after gluing need to ensure high consistency, it is recommended to use the floor visual dispensing machine with common precision and efficiency to control, and the epoxy glue stored in the piston dispensing syringe can be driven out by pneumatic pressure. Visual control dispensing equipment has the advantages of good execution efficiency and strong repeatability and consistency. It is suitable for controlling the quality and uniformity of epoxy glue quantity in the diversified glue filling manufacturing.
Point-coated epoxy resin adhesive
Accuracy Control Effect of Visual System
The quality control requirement of epoxy glue is high when the screen of mobile phone is sealed. The excessive or insufficient amount of epoxy glue is the direct reason that affects the quality. The selection of the ground-mounted visual dispensing machine has a strong effect on the synchronous improvement of efficiency and accuracy. The auxiliary alignment of visual system needs to be filled with glue sealant, so the epoxy glue is used when the screen of mobile phone is sealed with high precision. Visual dispensing machine has higher control precision, visual real-time detection without fixing precise fixtures can be directly put into use. Ground-based visual dispensing machine is used to control the position and accuracy of epoxy glue for a long time. The yield of glue is uniform and good, so it can be used in glue filling of other products, including mobile phone screen seals.
Sealing and dispensing of mobile phone screen
Indispensable control fittings
Floor visual dispensing machine runs smoothly, stabilizes the dispensing accuracy and high precision can not be separated from the auxiliary application of a series of accessories. For the screen seal of mobile phone which needs precision, dispensing valve is mainly used to control the quantity and precision of glue, CCD system to control the precision and the quality of glue, PC operating interface can adjust parameters without external connection controller, and the amount of epoxy glue at control point is even and moderate, of course, it can also be installed simply. The piston dispensing needle barrel drives precise dispensing for glue filling of various products.
CCD Ground Visual Dispenser
Ground-based visual dispensing machine can not only install precise control point epoxy glue volume with dispensing valve, but also use simple piston dispensing syringe, which is the misunderstanding of most users.

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