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The pressure has a great influence on the control of glue fl

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Whether controlling special glue or controlling adhesives such as high temperature and low temperature resistant glue, the fluidity and applicability should be guaranteed. The speed of glue stored in piston dispensing syringe has a great influence on efficiency. The speed of glue flow is related to the nature of the colloid itself and the driving source. The speed of glue flow is not only unfavorable to the sealant of precision products. According to this, we can see the effect of quality influence from the actual operation of the floor visual dispensing machine in the screen sealing of mobile phones.
Sealed coating points on mobile screen
Quality of Screen Seal Applied to Mobile Phone
The screen seal of mobile phone is strengthened by controlling the sealant point to the bonding surface by the landing visual dispensing machine. Strong and effective bonding force can make the whole seal more complete. It is inseparable from the accuracy of the visual dispensing machine itself. Of course, the speed of glue is also a key factor to determine the quality. This problem also occurs in both high-temperature and low-temperature resistant glue. When glue is used in piston dispensing needle. Slow moving velocity of cylinder will lead to poor coherence of glue production. Some problems such as less glue or uneven bonding strength may even lead to glue shortage in the sealing area of mobile phone screen, which will affect the speed of glue flow. Therefore, stable and smooth flow of glue, including special glue or glue resistant to high temperature and low temperature, should be guaranteed.
PVC Adhesive Special Adhesive
How to Control the Moving Flow Velocity of Glue
The glue flow rate is mainly affected by the air pressure and the nature of glue itself. When it is stored in the piston dispensing syringe driven by air pressure, the piston extrudes the glue, and the low temperature resistant glue is mainly composed of ultraviolet glue, which has strong fluidity and moderate adhesive strength. Therefore, it is more suitable for the screen sealing of mobile phones. The parameters of the landing visual dispensing machine are set by the PC terminal. It can be used to adjust the size of the driving pressure to control the speed of glue flow and make it suitable for the screen sealing of mobile phones.
Piston-type PP dispensing syringe
The speed of glue flow is also related to the strength of glue itself and the bonding strength. When the glue viscosity is high, the flow velocity will decrease. The viscosity can be reduced by proper heating through temperature control to increase the moving velocity of glue in the syringe. At the same time, it has a certain promoting effect on anti-clogging.

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