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Uniform effect of wood-bonded board reinforcement with white

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Operators can apply white latex on the links of wood-bonded boards to reinforce the strength further. Manual work can be done by hand or by special automatic white latex dispenser. The white latex can be coated on the surface of wood-bonded boards by operating needle barrel. After a period of time, the effect of solidification and strengthening will be achieved. How long the white latex dries and the operation and application of wood-bonded boards occupies part of the reason. Adhesive can not only be used in the links of wood bonding, but also play a role in the links of carton bonding.
Bonding of small boards
Reasons for Choosing White Latex
Wood boards belong to the glue with high viscosity. The reason and function of white latex for this kind of products lie in good film-forming, high bonding strength, fast curing speed, strong resistance to dilute acid and alkali, more convenient use, lower cost and no organic solvent. The application of white latex in precision manufacturing equipment will be more extensive. Carton bonding and bonding wood boards will be more widely used. The links can be quantitatively controlled by white latex dispensing machine to achieve bonding and packaging and other types of manufacturing and production work. The amount of white latex coated on control points is uniform and moderate. It belongs to a convenient one-component viscous liquid. It can understand how long the white latex of wood-bonded boards dries and how to promote the learning of curing methods, and enhance the efficiency and quality of curing.
Control quality of white latex dispenser
221-stroke white latex dispenser is mainly used for quantitative control of the amount of white latex coating to make it evenly distributed on the bonding surface. After uniform control of the glue coating on the board bonding surface, the two sides can be bonded and fixed together. After connecting the controller, the white latex dispenser can set the path and quality of the glue coating. The quality of the glue with the consistency of the glue coating path is strengthened, which is more in line with the requirement of the bonding board. Control requirements for positioning.
221 white latex dispenser
White latex dispenser belongs to 221-stroke automatic dispenser. The special effect of this device is more prominent for the application of white latex to products such as wood-bonded boards.

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