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White latex dispenser recommended for capping is conducive t

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There is a requirement for consistency in the gluing process of bottle cap in batch production line type. Some special bottle cap gluing uses white latex instead of hot melt glue which is only used for building gluing. Therefore, it is better to control the glue volume accuracy with automation equipment. An automatic 221-stroke white latex dispenser is recommended for completion, and the control board is used for path setting and parameter setting. Making the automation equipment follow the path operation has a high accuracy for the control of white latex by bonding wood board and carton, so it also has a role in improving the efficiency of bottle cap gluing.
Plastic Bottle Cap Coating
Strong consistency of batch capping gluing
Path-setting mode can be used in batch manufacturing of bottle cap gluing to ensure stability and consistency. The flow rate of gluing covered by the surface of bottle cap is uniform and stable. The 221 stroke of white latex dispenser can complete the gluing production of multiple inner walls of bottle caps in one way, which not only ensures efficiency but also ensures stability and consistency. The use of white latex dispenser can also be used in bonding wood board to cartons. In the production of white latex coating, the temperature of glue can be controlled by adding catalyst or reducing the concentration of viscose before the gluing of bottle cap.
Three-axis 221 white latex dispenser
The importance of gluing and gluing at the end of bottle cap
The execution efficiency of white latex dispensing machine has strong stability for controlling accuracy and quality. The way to control glue viscosity can be through adding catalyst properly or reducing the purity of viscose, which is more in line with the requirement of viscous quality of screen cap dispensing. Most of the bottle caps on the market are made of transparent hot melt glue, which is related to the precision and quality control of dispensing equipment, whether for bottle cap dispensing or for bottle capping. It is also the promotion of the bonding of wood boards or cardboard boxes.
White latex
For the gluing process of the bottle cap, it is a prerequisite to ensure the proper and accurate amount of the sealing glue, as well as the white latex control for the same carton bonding.

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