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The way of dispensing control glue viscosity and sharing of

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High or low viscosity adhesives are often used in product dispensing. According to the need of bonding strength, they tend to be the former. This paper briefly describes the adjustment and mode of controlling the viscosity of glue in industry production. For improving the quality of production links, white latex dispensing machine will be used to bond cardboard boxes and bonding wood boards as examples to illustrate the control mode and importance of viscosity. 。
Control Accuracy of Product Coating
Brief operation of glue control
After setting parameters and paths of the automatic white latex dispenser, the manipulator will be programmed with system parameters for the bonding of cartons, the bonding of both sides of wood-bonded boards and even the production of batch bottle cap gluing. Therefore, according to the different bonding materials, the control of glue viscosity becomes a key link. When the cartons are bonded, the white latex should be coated to the seams of cartons, and the white latex should be applied to the seams of cartons. The latex dispenser controls the adhesive to be applied to the slit by precision control. If the strength of the adhesive is low, it may be due to the lack of purity, high-purity adhesive can be added to the bonding surface appropriately to ensure that it is executed at constant temperature and humidity. This is a simple method to control the glue viscosity. It has a significant effect on improving the efficiency of carton bonding and bottle cap gluing.
Three-axis white latex dispenser
Common Control Ways in Industry
In addition to carton bonding, it is also important to pay attention to bottle cap gluing and gluing board links to control glue viscosity. In this section, the control methods of glue viscosity before the application of automatic equipment including white latex dispenser are briefly introduced.
1. When the glue is turned on, use it up as soon as possible.
2. Adhesion should meet the temperature and humidity requirements of glue.
3. The cleanliness of the bonding surface should meet the requirements of glue application.
4. The bonding process should meet the technological requirements of glue bonding and be easy to use.
5. Glue and adhesives should be used in accordance with their properties.
6. Understanding the types of adhesives will facilitate subsequent replacement.
Adhesive white latex
White latex dispensing machine is an automatic control equipment used to control the glue volume. It also needs to pay attention to the operation method and the process of controlling the glue viscosity.

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