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Application of CCD Visual Dispenser in Batch Battery Cover C

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Small-sized batteries cover coating can be accomplished by desktop dispensing machine. In fact, the application effect of visual dispensing machine in batch production has more superior effect. CCD visual dispensing machine can be used in batch production of batteries cover coating. It has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, fast positioning and accuracy. It can fix the battery cover quickly without special fixture and apply visual system positioning pair. Quasi-uniform, screw dispensing valve installation greatly improves the accuracy of product gluing, the same applies to semiconductor gluing.
Adhesive Coating for Lithium Battery Cover
Efficiency and Quality of Battery Cover Glue Coating
First of all, we need to understand the necessity of the battery cover glue coating. The main purpose of the back end of the battery cover glue coating is to protect the application effect, play the role of dust-proof, moisture-proof and certain impact-proof. The reason for recommending CCD visual dispenser is that the work station is large and the visual system assists the accuracy. It can be directly applied on the plane of the visual dispenser, and the ratio of the two-component glue can be added by the screw dispenser valve. The accuracy of precision control is strengthened. Operators need to make clear the difference between sealant and glass glue to avoid errors. Besides the application of battery cover glue, the efficiency and quality of CCD visual dispenser are better when semiconductor glue is used.
Large CCD Visual Dispenser
Screw dispensing valve for enhancing accuracy
Most contact dispensing valves can achieve the effect of precise control of glue volume. Screw dispensing valves undoubtedly have more advantages in the control of two-component glue. They are matched with two-component glue used in CCD visual dispensing machine to finish the coating of battery cover. Screw dispensing valves can be used to adjust the glue ratio from 1:1 to 1:10, which is more applicable than ordinary two-component dispensing valves. The application of the two-component binder in coating seals has higher precision, and adjusts the two-component binder when finishing semiconductor coating.
Precision screw dispensing valve
Before finishing the coating of battery cover, check whether the adhesives are suitable for use. Understand the difference between sealant and glass glue to avoid wrong selection and affect the quality of the coating.

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