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The difference between sealant and glass glue is briefly exp

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Adhesive sealant should be applied in battery cover coating or semiconductor coating. Of course, in order to ensure the quality of adhesives, operators need to know the difference and selection between sealant and glass glue. The particularities of the two kinds of gels are also different. Spot-coating sealant can be used to protect the sealing or filling of most electronic products, while glass glue is used. Glue in doors and windows and other building products.
Special Sealant
Differences in nature and Application
The difference between sealant and glass glue lies in their application and properties. The reason for choosing CCD visual dispenser is that the visual function controls the accuracy, stability and quality of the dispenser. It can be used to control the filling of sealant and bulk glass glue. The positioning requirement of the product is low by CCD visual aiding. The preparation work will be greatly reduced in order to improve the execution efficiency, the coating of battery cover and half. Conductor gluing and other links should be selected for the use of sealant for electronic products. Glass glue with paste-like properties is used for building wall or wood board gluing, so operators should know the difference between sealant and glass glue before they choose it.
CCD Ground Visual Dispenser
Control of Coating Quality of CCD Visual Dispenser
Applying CCD visual dispenser to control the quality and efficiency of sealant coating, the difference between sealant and glass glue has different functions besides the difference in application. Paste-like glass glue is only suitable for the uniform distribution of large-area products, while glass glue is mainly aimed at the sealing protection of battery and semiconductor products, so the protective effect of sealant coating on electronic products is greatly enhanced. The quality of the sealant is guaranteed to be filled to the surface of the battery cover to prevent dust and moisture. The function of chip semiconductor coating is the same. The precision control of CCD visual dispenser is high and the consistency of execution is strong for the production room with high precision and large production.
Battery End Cover Coating
So in a word, the difference between sealant and glass glue lies in different properties and different application industries.

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