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Precision Control of Sealant Coating by CCD Visual Dispenser

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The main function of sealing glue for small electronic products is sealing protection, and at the same time, it greatly improves the function of protecting dust and moisture. The main purpose is to use sealing glue for small products such as battery cover glue and semiconductor glue. The CCD visual dispensing machine uses unique visual positioning function and intelligent effect to control the precision of sealing glue for this kind of electronic products. At the same time, it enhances the precision of sealing glue for this kind of electronic products by a large margin. Frequency of common problems in dispensing is controlled. It is an automatic equipment for guaranteeing high yield of good products for glue sealing.
Surface glue dispensing
Accuracy Improvement of CCD Visual Dispenser
Only a few production lines with production and quality requirements will choose the intelligent CCD visual dispenser for glue sealing. The manual dispensing syringe is the most common mode of product sealant coating. The common problems of glue dispensing under the mode occur more frequently, such as uneven glue coating, poor glue accuracy and other common accuracy problems. This mode is not conducive to battery cover glue coating and half. The precision required by the production of conductor glue coating and other products is consistent with the batch size. Through the special camera positioning function of CCD visual dispenser, the sealant is coated on the sealing surface. The precision of glue production is controlled between (+0.01 mm). The distribution of glue filling to the surface of battery cover and the surface of semiconductor glue coating is even, which has a positive effect on the improvement of the quality and efficiency of battery cover glue coating and semiconductor glue coating.
Visual precision dispenser
Application in batch production line
The quality and efficiency of sealant coating on CCD visual dispenser can be set. If the batch operation mode can be set after one-way setting, the uniform coating of large plane products can be completed in one-way. The links of battery cover coating and semiconductor coating are two links with high demand in the production of electronic products. The quality of common problems in dispensing should be avoided in the production of dispensing. The function of CCD visual dispenser is to improve the precision and efficiency of sealant coating. PC terminal parameter programming can set up one-way to complete the work of coating sealant on multiple semiconductors and battery covers. The increase of production line efficiency can control consistency and quality more in line with the needs of product sealant coating.
Large Ground Visual Dispenser
The application of CCD visual dispenser to control the amount of sealant coating has a good effect on improving the quality. The improvement of dust and moisture-proof protection of battery cover and semiconductor coating is due to the good quality of precision control of the equipment.

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