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Technical introduction and equipment application of seamless

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The concept of seamless underwear has appeared for a long time. From the present point of view, the demand of seamless underwear lies in the two points of "health" and "comfort". Rational use of dispensing technology is an important operation process. It should be noted that when dispensing underwear, appropriate sealant dispensing machine should be selected according to the nature of the product and needle type should be selected according to the type of needle. Accessories, make it suitable for underwear or clothing for dispensing glue.
Bra underwear dispensing
Application Control of Underwear Dispensing Technology
It is recommended that a non-standard customized sealing dispenser be used in the production of garment dropping or underwear dispensing. The bonding and bonding of underwear parts can be realized by non-standard customized sealing dispenser equipment. For the control effect of underwear suspension tape bonding accuracy, the gluing path and parameters need to be set. Water-based hot melt adhesive can be used to bond underwear suspension tape. Sealing dispenser has a high degree of synchronous control of efficiency and accuracy, and has unique advantages in saving consumables and labor costs. Similarly, garment dropping glue and other hot melt filling glue such as wet urine and sanitary napkin can also be used in this sealed dispenser. Of course, before positioning dispensing, we should know the difference of needle type and choose the appropriate type, and preliminarily understand how dispenser to dispense the needle. The method can give full play to the application of the machine and enhance the efficiency and control accuracy of underwear dispensing.
No Constant Control 331 Sealing Dispenser
Advantages of Sealing Dispenser Selection in Underwear Dispenser Production Line
In fact, most of the underwear dispensing production lines are manual, inefficient and unable to strictly control the quality. The appearance of sealed dispensing machine provides an important help to solve the unstable problem of underwear dispensing quality. Understanding how dispensing machine adjusts needles and valves for needles to carry out batch dispensing and garment dropping operations, underwear hood cup, etc. When the back strap is fully formed, it seamlessly affects the appearance without any trace, which will greatly reduce the cost and labor consumption. According to the different types of needles, it is recommended that the needle with larger rubber outlet be used for uniform glue coating. The synchronous improvement of the efficiency of underwear production line results in its application in other industries, such as garment dropping and garment. Some production such as pattern coloring can be applied.
Medium tape constant control 331 dispenser
Needle dispensing is often asked when it is used in underwear dispensing. How to understand the needle dispensing machine will be supplemented for users who need to know in the future.

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