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Simply understand the knowledge about how to set needles in

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This brief introduction on how to adjust the needle of dispensing machine will involve the difference of needle type and specifications. There may be many repetitive effects of dispensing glue in different industries. Only by establishing the way and operation of dispensing machine, can the accuracy be improved more steadily, and dispensing machine can be applied in clothing batch production. The application effect of garment dispensing glue and garment dropping glue is reflected.
Multi-specification needle for dispensing machine
Direct impact of inaccuracy of needles
During the operation of the sealed dispensing machine, glue or fluid flows directly through the needle to the position where dispensing is needed, so the choice of dispensing needle has a direct relationship with the accuracy effect of dispensing machine. Before operating the sealed dispensing machine, we should consider how the dispensing machine adjusts the needle, how to finish underwear dispensing and garment dispensing, and often encounter the quality of dispensing gum is affected by too slow dispensing. The difference of needle type lies in the fact that the needle is big or small, or even the needle is blocked by glue. The root cause of these problems is that the needle is not correctly selected and the needle is not right, so how to seal the needle dispenser is directly related to the production efficiency.
Multicolor dispensing needle
Brief introduction of needle alignment operation of dispensing machine
How to operate the needle of the sealed dispensing machine will be briefly described below. When operating the sealed dispensing machine to finish the underwear dispensing and garment dispensing, the choice of needle type will be from small to large, so dispensing speed will need to be adjusted from fast to slow, pressure regulation from small to large, using glue with low viscosity and good fluidity can start from small, and then slowly increase the driving pressure. The speed of dispensing machine is from fast to slow. Especially in the process of needle alignment of dispensing machine, mechanical reference point should be equipped first. This can prevent the operator from setting the coordinates of dispensing needle by mistake. As long as the reference point is set at the beginning, the needle should be pointed at the original reference point. Then the dispensing machine can be started and run directly. This is how to set the dispensing machine alignment. Needle related knowledge.
221-stroke sealed dispenser
Operators need to know more about the needle dispensing machine, so that they can finish the production of underwear dispensing and garment dispensing with higher precision and quality.

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