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The influence of dispensing needle type difference on the st

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Next, the difference of needle type used in dispensing machine will be introduced. This is a necessary operation to enhance the accuracy and quality of dispensing point when various sealed dispensing machines are used. By establishing the characteristics of the needle and choosing the appropriate type, the needle can be fixed at the bottom of the dispensing syringe or the bottom of the single liquid dispensing valve to control the amount of glue. The following will briefly introduce the difference and selection of needle type. Relevant information will be used in underwear dispensing or garment dispensing garment manufacturing to enhance the application effect more or less.
Multi-specification dispensing needle
Information on needle type differences
The size of dispensing needle is divided into different types according to its size. Generally, the size of dispensing needle is chosen between 144-34G. This is the national standard. The difference between needle type and other industries'benchmark judgment is contrary. The higher the digital model is, the more precise the needle is and the higher the control precision is. On the contrary, the smaller the digital model is, the larger the needle is and the more glue is produced. So the difference of dispensing needle type is the demand precision. The higher the size is, the larger the size is. The sealed dispensing machine usually uses a 22G dispensing needle, which makes it more suitable for the device to be used in the dispensing syringe or single-liquid dispensing valve control. This is simple information about the difference of needle type. It will be more effective for operators to make proper understanding of the accuracy control of the application of the needle in underwear dispensing or garment dispensing.
Reference of dispensing needle specifications
Model selection based on Application
Most sealed dispensing machines are equipped with a single liquid dispensing valve to control the amount of glue, and a dispensing needle is assembled at the bottom to control the amount of glue. Here, the amount of glue that needs to be dispensing is selected according to the type of needle. Batch dispensing of underwear requires a uniform coating of glue and avoids scratching the product surface when moving at high speed. The dispensing needle of PP soft material can be used to finish dispensing. The recommended size of dispensing needle should be between 144 and 20G, because the underwear bonding needs a uniform distribution of glue and good fixing of the adhesive surface, so the larger size of dispensing needle should be used to complete the production of underwear dispensing in batches, and according to this application, the needle type that meets the needs of clothing dispensing machine can be selected.
Judgment based on needle type can accomplish a lot of things, including underwear dispensing and even improve the quality and accuracy of garment dropping.

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