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Brief Introduction to the Main Points of Water-borne Hot Mel

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Women's underwear dispensing is mainly filled with hot melt glue to strengthen the internal bonding. Desktop-type sealant dispensing machine can be used in this link. In fact, this link can also be coated with water-based hot melt glue for bonding. Water-based hot melt glue is relatively more environmentally friendly and flexible. It needs a special single liquid dispensing valve to control the water-based hot melt glue for coating and bonding, and a sealant dispensing machine equipped with special valves. It can enhance the quality of underwear dispensing and the rate of good products. It has a special role in promoting the selection of this kind of environmental friendly special hot melt adhesive.
Bucketed Water-borne Hot Melt Adhesive
Special glue suitable for underwear bonding
Underwear dispensing is mainly coated with ordinary yellow hot melt adhesive or water-borne hot melt adhesive. Sealing dispensing machine can assemble a variety of dispensing valves to control the amount of water-borne hot melt adhesive. It also includes a single liquid dispensing valve suitable for controlling the amount of water-borne hot melt adhesive. Water-borne hot melt adhesive can strengthen the bonding quality and strength between underwear suspension belt and clothing body. The finished product is relatively more durable, long life and good extensibility, and belongs to non-toxic This is the advantage of water-based hot melt adhesive in underwear dispensing. It needs special single-liquid dispensing valve to control the high-viscosity water-based adhesive. Clothing dropping adhesive is usually decorated with transparent adhesive, so it is not suitable for this kind of glue to dispense.
Underwear filling dispensing
Selection of Water-borne Hot Melt Adhesive Conditions
Special water-based hot melt adhesive can be used for spraying and dispensing operations, such as dispensing needs multi-sealing dispensing machine and configuration of single-liquid dispensing valve re-selection, but not suitable for the use of garment dropping glue. Although garment dropping glue is not suitable for the application of water-based hot melt glue, but this glue can be used in other types of knitted fabric composite industries.
Single-station sealed automatic dispensing machine
For waterborne hot melt adhesive, attention should be paid to many problems, such as whether the single-liquid dispensing valve is suitable for use, and its application can be diversified due to its characteristics of repeated heating, melting and fitting.

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