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Foam dispensing machine applied to fixed gluing of socket bo

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The bottom box of the socket is usually fixed on the wall with the rubber of the foaming glue in the cylinder for bonding. Some of the foaming glue is stored in the larger barrel. Because the foaming glue is a two-component compound after mixing and the fluidity is poor, the dynamic dispensing valve is used to control the foaming glue, which plays an important role in the integrity and strength improvement of the bottom box of the socket. The foaming glue dispensing machine can be added. The dynamic dispensing valve is used to continuously and steadily control the amount of foam and to strengthen the sealing of the shell and the fixing of the bottom box.
Switch socket fixed
Bucket foam can be used to control bonding
For the fixed edge of the socket bottom box, the effect of foam glue is good. It has strong bonding strength and anti-detachment property. Users can set the path of the foam dispenser and the path parameters of the foam glue. Will users ask whether the foam glue is waterproof? In fact, when the foam gel solidifies for a period of time, it has better anti-impact and waterproof functions. According to this characteristic, the foam gel dispenser can guarantee the quality and strength when it is applied to the mass execution of the shell seal. So the problem of "foam gel waterproof" has been solved. The dynamic dispensing valve assembled by the foam dispenser has high adjustable ratio, so it can double the foam gel. The quality and efficiency of the fixed socket bottom box are guaranteed by the proper proportion of components and the proper control of viscosity and flow rate.
331 position foaming dispenser
Proportion control of dynamic dispensing valve
The two-component dynamic dispensing valve can be used to adjust the fluid glue of various proportions. The strength of the glue needed for shell sealing can also be satisfied. The function of dynamic mixing can be adjusted reasonably. Is the foaming glue waterproof? The fact is that foam gel has a solidification effect similar to that of silica gel after solidification, so Foam Gel for socket bottom box fixing also has some waterproof and moisture-proof effects to reduce the bonding strength and quality, which is inseparable from the auxiliary value of dynamic dispensing valve.
Special quantitative mixing dynamic dispensing valve
The efficiency and consistency of foam dispenser for fixing socket bottom box in batches are improved.

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