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How to Clean Foam Rubber

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The function of automatic control of foam dispenser is to uniformly coat the products that need to be sealed or fixed with foam glue. This paper describes the relevant information about how to clean the foam glue and the ways and means. According to the methods introduced here, the foam glue that needs to be removed during curing can be partially promoted and helped, including the foam glue coated when the shell is sealed or the bottom box of the socket is fixed. This method is sometimes used to remove the foam cured in the dynamic dispensing valve. Here is a brief introduction of how to clean and remove the foam.
Special Bucketed Foam Gum
How to Clean Foam Rubber
Users who use the foam dispenser for a long time will surely find that whether it is on the operating platform or at the bottom of the dynamic dispensing valve, the foam will gradually solidify and affect the normal use if it is not solved in time. Then they want to use the blade or fire to remove the high impact and not conducive to the role of good products, so they can clean and remove the solidified foam. Many methods are available for users to choose. If the uncured foam adhesive can be wiped off with dry cloth, this removal method is suitable for the foam adhesive on the platform of the foam dispenser. Learn how to clean and remove the foam adhesive cured at the foam dispenser or the rubber valve, which is beneficial to the sealing of the shell and the fixing of the socket bottom box.
Acetone Solution Solvent
Removal of Special Solutions
The way of cleaning and removing foam glue is recommended to use acetone solution or alcohol to immerse in order to weaken the cured foam glue. The cured foam glue will gradually melt after immersing in acetone solution or alcohol for a period of time. At this time, only dry cloth is needed to erase the weakened glue. This method can be used to remove the glue on the upper end of dynamic dispensing valve or other accessories. This is about foam glue. The common ways of cleaning and removing can be used for reference by users, which is helpful for the stable effect of removing and repairing when the shell seal or socket bottom box is fixed.
Small Capacitor Shell Sealing
Through the above way, the problem of how to clean the foam can be solved. If the type of foam needed to be cleaned is special, other ways can be considered.

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