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Normal working environment of automatic high speed dispensin

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High speed automatic dispensing machine in the work process for the surrounding environment, such as temperature, weather and pressure intensity, the surrounding environment is dispensing work, need to eliminate these adverse factors make the automatic dispensing machine to maximize production efficiency.
Full automatic hot melt adhesive high speed dispenser
The influence of temperature in summer and winter are generally affected, the indoor temperature in summer can reach 38 degrees to 40 degrees, in hot weather, high-speed automatic dispensing glue solidification time will increase, each kind of glue has a temperature freezing point closer to this point, the faster the glue solidified, general the glue is 20 degrees, beyond the temperature but will affect the solidification time.
Single position high speed dispenser
In the winter of high-speed automatic dispensing machine at work will also appear especially dispensing, dispensing in the north, because the North temperature will generally reach below zero degrees Celsius, this high speed dispensing machine is not used, because the dispenser can be used only in the above zero, zero to glue began to freeze, winter in the south does not drop to zero, but also affect the activity of glue, dispensing speed will be affected, so do the high-speed dispensing work environment.
Every five or six months there will be rainy weather, the air around it will be wet, it will also have effect on the glue dispensing, which is caused by the direct impact of the dispensing, in wet weather, exposed on the outer surface of a glue layer condensation film, the glue is not solidified, you can install a dryer in dispensing machine around, so that you can solve this problem.
Double station and multi axis high speed dispenser
Working environment will not only affect the operator, but also affect the automatic high-speed dispensing machine, the need to exclude all these factors, fully automatic high-speed dispenser can play its full strength.

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