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Improving the quality of batch production of USB dispensing

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Most of the production of data line USB dispensing is operated by desktop automatic dispensing machine. With the high consistency of requirement accuracy and the high requirement of mass production, the automatic positioning dispensing machine can be used for continuous auxiliary production. The CCD vision positioning function can stabilize the reinforcement effect of USB data line contact solder joints after dispensing, which is an auxiliary application of spray dispensing valve. It is indispensable. This article will briefly introduce the co-use of atomization spraying technology and automatic positioning dispensing machine.
Dispensing of USB Data Wire Shell
Enhancement of dispensing quality of USB data line by spraying glue
The principle of USB data wire pusher is similar to that of the data wire pusher. The automatic positioning dispensing machine is needed because the visual system assists the dispensing machine to finish the non-contact spraying with the aid of the spray dispensing valve, and the non-contact dispensing machine can finish the non-contact spraying with the help of the dispensing valve. In addition to the higher accuracy, it can prevent the dispensing needle from scratching the data line USB. The spray point after spraying is about 0.01 mm in accuracy and applicable. In order to prevent the continuous normal use of USB dispensing, the spray valve sealing ring should be replaced in time.
Spray dispensing valve
Rational application of spraying technology
With automatic execution of dispensing machine, the efficiency execution mode can complete various types of USB data line dispensing. The glue points of spray technology are evenly distributed and high density. The A public data lines in the industry are suitable for the same degree of reinforcement. The choice of spray dispensing valve should be based on the good atomization spray function. Good, avoid the automatic positioning dispensing machine long time to complete the USB dispensing work efficiency and quality because of poor sealing reasons greatly discounted.
Spray atomizing dispensing valve
The consistency and stability of dispensing of USB and the application of spray dispensing valve are indispensable. In addition to paying attention to the integrity and replacement frequency of the sealing ring of the spray valve, it is necessary to prevent the problem of blocking glue from occurring for a long time.

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