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Automatic positioning glue dispensing, application of spray

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The floor type automatic positioning dispensing machine has a good dispensing effect on the products, and has become an automatic dispensing equipment for the mainstream intelligent money nowadays. In fact, it has the function of automatic positioning, plus the spray glue dispensing valve to improve the coating accuracy and quality of the product. At this stage, the visual positioning glue dispensing function has a high accuracy in the location of glue points, so as to execute precise dispensing, and generally use screw valves, etc. The high matching precision valve selects spray valve to carry out the relative accuracy and quality of non-contact dispensing. It is suitable for the production of USB dispensing glue or filter dispensing, which needs precise and evenly distributed adhesive points.
Automatic spray dispensing valve
Function of spray valve
This spray dispensing valve is different from most dispensing valves. The flow of the glue to the valve will show the spray state to the surface of the product, and the adhesive point will be more precise and distributed evenly. It can achieve the precise dispensing effect of various products. The small USB transmission data line can recommend the use of this glue valve for quantitative control, and the USB dispensing is reinforced with the shell after bonding to the solder joint. After the joint use with the automatic positioning dispensing machine, the synchronous accuracy and stability are confirmed, and the application effect is good for finishing USB glue bonding or filter coating. The emergence of spray dispensing valve can provide users with more stable precision dispensing effect.
Spray dispensing valve
The effect of strengthening and gluing on filters
The automatic positioning dispensing machine uses CCD vision camera for location detection. After the USB dispensing requires the end clamp of the fixed data line, the spray dispensing valve can be used to spray the glue surface, and the spray quality of the glue spray has higher application advantages. The glue valve is also recommended as the auxiliary accessory of the coating in the application of filter dispensing, and the filter needs to be glued. The position needs to be covered with even glue, and the glue will be applied to the adhesive surface in the spray state. It can cooperate with the automatic positioning glue dispenser for a long time to produce stable and efficient precise glue coating production.
Reinforcement of filter by gluing
The precision positioning of the automatic positioning dispensing machine is realized by visual function. The spray dispensing valve has the characteristics of relatively uniform and stable distribution of single point gluing, and a wide range of application, etc. it can be applied to the manufacturing of various industries.

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