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How long is the function and service life of the spray valve

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The application of spray dispensing valve is mainly focused on the application of spray nebulization on the surface of products. It has the reputation of high accuracy and high uniformity of coating area. This will give a simple answer to the user's questions about the function and service life of the spray valve seal, which is an important factor in the stability of the coating application. There are reasons for the problem of sealing rings in the quantity-affected consultation.
Silica gel O-ring
What is a seal ring?
Most of the dispensing valves are equipped with sealing rings, and there are sealing rings in the spray dispensing valve. The spray dispensing valve assembled by the automatic positioning dispenser needs to maintain a stable spray coating effect for a long time. The function of the spray valve seal ring at this time is that the glue in the valve body does not leak from the side while affecting the normal use, so the spray valve bottom is at the bottom. The influence of sealing ring on the stability of spray coating is great. The accuracy and stability of the USB dispensing are the important prerequisite for the batch finishing. Besides the application of the automatic positioning dispenser and the spray valve, the influence of the sealing ring also exists.
Data Line Glue
On Service Life
Because the spray valve seal ring will be eroded by colloid flow for a long time, it will wear out gradually and need to be replaced. The service life can be seen from the atomizing spray condition of the product. If there is some flow glue on the left side when the glue is sprayed, the use of the seal ring is near replacement. The service life of the spray seal valve should be checked or replaced at about 800-1500 times. When using automatic positioning dispensing machine for USB dispensing, it is necessary to replace the spraying gum in time if it is found that the gum leakage affects the distribution quality of the spraying gum. This is the direct reason that affects the spraying gum quality of USB head and other products of micro data line.
Adhesive Coating for Finished Data Line
Regarding the spray valve seal ring using the ordinary O type ring, we can complete the USB dispensing and other types which need stable atomizing spray tool and intelligent automatic positioning glue dispenser to match well, so as to play a good application effect.

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