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Equipment Application of Sustainable Precision Atomization G

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Most of the dispensing methods are mostly contact type, while a small part of the equipment is non-contact dispensing. Only the dispensing equipment equipped with spray dispensing valve can perform the effect of atomizing spray coating. This special dispensing method is often used in the industries that require precise coating and moderate stability, such as USB dispensing and filter dispensing, etc. The demand for application and the wide use of the automatic positioning dispenser are related to the spray technology.
Atomized spray paint
Application Expansion of Gum Spraying Technology
Automatic positioning dispensing machine, also known as visual dispensing machine, is a floor type automation equipment based on CCD vision positioning. By adding two parts of thimble dispensing valve or spray dispensing valve, it can carry out glue dispensing or non-contact dispensing, carry out glue spraying flow control, install glue spraying valve, glue is driven by pneumatic pressure to spray dispensing valve, spray through glue to the product surface. After spraying, the coating on the rubber surface is full and uniform, and the single point accuracy is high and small. The automatic positioning dispenser with this valve is suitable for the production of USB dispenser and filter dispenser with high demand and output. It plays a stable effect of high precision and quantitative control of flow rate.
Spray dispensing valve
Advantages of spraying glue for automatic positioning equipment
In addition to saving the cost and consumption of other accessories, the application of spraying technology has advantages. In terms of stability, it is better than the way of contact dispensing. The automatic positioning dispensing machine controlled by vision needs a long time to be used in industries such as USB dispensing reinforcement or filter dispensing. If these parts are dispensing by contact dispensing, they may be affected by needle shadows. The scratching surface affects the appearance and normal use, while atomizing spray technology does not require dispensing needles, so long as special spray dispensing valves are installed, it has the function of ensuring good product rate and stability.
Spray type special dispensing valve
After spraying, the amount of semi-finished products is evenly distributed and the precision is high. The bonding strength between the shell and the contact port after USB dispensing is improved. So far, the trend of choosing spraying technology is more obvious in the industry of precision requirement.

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