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Preparation before using automatic high speed dispensing mac

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Use the dispenser before they need to do the preparatory work, especially for dispensing machine precision parts dispensing, better dispensing requirements, high-speed automatic dispensing machine is generally used in the electronics industry, LED industry, packaging industry, these are very demanding on the accuracy of the industry, so the high-speed automatic dispensing machine preparatory work can not be sloppy, but also do good for dispensing preparatory work, can make high speed dispensing machine to increase the service life, reduce the maintenance times of dispensing machine.
Large automatic high speed dispensing machine
The dispensing preparatory work is relatively simple to complete the preparatory work, is also a way of maintenance, every day in the use of high-speed automatic dispensing machine, first check the dispensing hose use has loopholes, then the high speed valve sealing and circulation is normal, and then check whether the needle of the dispensing machine there are blocked, these configurations appear only a little problem will have a great influence on the effect of dispensing.
Floor type automatic high speed dispensing machine
After check the dispensing equipment, need to check the glue, glue quality will directly affect the dispensing and packaging effect, can use the glue yesterday, today is overdue, such things will occur, although less likely, but can not pay attention to, glue check complete, you need to put into full reduction high speed automatic dispensing machine, then need to check whether there is a bubble in the dispensing hose, if can use glue glue in high speed stirring barrel, if the hose can be used in vacuum time machine, which can eliminate the gas run automatic dispensing machine.
Large floor type high speed dispenser
Another is that the static electricity generated by the automatic high-speed dispensing machine also has some influence on the dispensing, so that the electrostatic remover can be installed, and the static electricity generated by the automatic dispensing machine can be removed. All the previous work is dealt with, and the dispensing effect of the automatic high speed dispensing machine will be greatly improved.

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