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Execution Mode of Intelligent Machine Touch Screen Matching

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The touch screen and display screen of smartphone need to be strengthened by glue filling and bonding. This link belongs to the bonding point of touch screen. UV dispenser can reasonably control the glue to the bonding surface. The special UV syringe is used to store UV glue without curing, which causes solidification jam. The screen dispensing suspension also supports the application of this type of adhesive. Automated dispensing machine, comprehensive view of the flow control and accuracy of this dispensing machine is suitable for the production of mobile phone bonding and reinforcement.
Fixing Mobile Screen
Use for touch screen and metal border bonding
Touch screen bonding is mainly to quantitatively control the UV glue on the bonding position. Touch screen and metal frame are bonded and irradiated by ultraviolet lamp tube to accelerate the curing rate. This is because the transmittance of touch screen can pass through the irradiation of uncured UV glue. Safety curtain dispensing is also applicable under this condition. The reason for the application of UV glue dispensing function lies in the accuracy and repetition accuracy. In addition to mobile phone screen fitting, screen dispensing suspension is also suitable for the auxiliary use of this automation equipment. Relatively speaking, the applicability of the universal scope is strong.
UV glue dispenser
Reasonable application of dispensing suspension for mobile screen
In addition to the applicability of touch screen fitting, screen dispensing suspension and safe light screen dispensing can also be used. It also requires the use of UV dispensing machine and UV syringe to assist the use of dispensing suspension. In fact, the dispensing suspension is that the screen does not contact with the metal border, in this interval, the appropriate UV glue is applied for bonding and fixing. For the rate of broken screen of touch screen, the dispensing suspension is also necessary. The large range of lifting can greatly alleviate the impact of falling and improve the safety performance, which is the significance of screen dispensing suspension technology.
Handset case suspension dispensing
The frequency of using UV glue in touch screen bonding or screen dispensing suspension is higher, which is the extension of the application of UV glue dispensing machine to a certain extent. The application of this equipment in other industries also has a greater demand, such as safe light screen dispensing.

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